Here’s the truth: some days, even some years, we all feel invincible – like we can do anything we want and everything will be just fine. But it is hard to ignore the evidence on illegal drugs.

In the short term it can sometimes feel that they are just a fun pastime or high or chill, but in the longer term there are often consequences. It might be a lost job, or a lost friend, a lost opportunity, or lost health, but every day people of every age pay the price for drugs.

And so the question is: are you OK with paying that price? 

It's hard to stop on your own

Addiction is a chronic and treatable disease. Using drugs repeatedly changes the brain, including the parts that help with self-control. That’s why someone may not be able to stop using drugs, even if they know the drug is causing harm, or feel ready to stop.

Have you noticed any of these common signs of addiction and substance use disorders?

  • Trying to stop or cut down on drug use, but not being able to.
  • Using drugs because of being angry or upset with other people.
  • Taking one drug to get over the effects of another.
  • Making mistakes at school or on the job because of using drugs.
  • Drug use hurting relationships with family and friends.
  • Being scared at the thought of running out of drugs.
  • Stealing drugs or money to pay for drugs.
  • Being arrested or hospitalized for drug use.
  • Developing a tolerance, and needing larger amounts of drugs or alcohol to get high.
  • Overdosing on drugs.

Source: “Addiction can Affect Anyone.”